Principle Investigator

Julie Zimmerman

Senior Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, School of the Environment;
Professor in School of Engineering and Applied Science;
Professor in School of the Environment;
Deputy Director of the Center for Green Chemistry and Green Engineering

Editor-in-Chief Environmental Science and Technology

PhD Students

Mary Kate Mitchell Lane

PhD Candidate Environmental Engineering
NSF Graduate Research Fellow
Research Area: Utilizing supercritical fluids as green solvents for biorefinery and nanoparticle synthesis applications

Yan Du

PhD Candidate Environmental Engineering
Research Areas: Computational modeling; POPs in wastewater; life-cycle assessments

Andreas Backhaus

PhD Candidate Environmental Engineering
Research Areas: Biomass valorization using supercritical fluids; nanoparticle shape control in supercritical fluid synthesis; environmental-economic data analysis and modeling

Dylan Judd

PhD Candidate, School of the Environment
Research Areas:

Gabriel Gonsalves Bertho

PhD Candidate, Environmental Engineering

Research Areas: The use of waste materials for the development of selective adsorbents for water treatment. His research focuses on the green modification of biopolymers such as chitosan and cellulose for the development of sustainable and tunable treatment methods, with recent efforts centered on the synthesis of electrically conductive biopolymers.

Undergraduate Students

Avery Long 

BS Chemical Engineering, ‘24
Research Area: Continuous Solvothermal Synthesis of Glutathione-Functionalized Anisotropic Gold Nanoparticles for Lead Detection in Water

Rachel Pontius

BS Environmental Engineering, ‘24
Research Area: The Integrated Biorefinery

Mary Ben Apatoff

BS Environmental Engineering, 2024
Research Area: The Integrated Biorefinery

Postdoctoral Associates

Heather LeClerc

Postdoctoral Associate
Research Areas: Lignin valorization in continuous flow systems

Research Staff

Lars Ratjen                                                               

Research Scientist                                                                                                
Research Areas: 

  • The Yale-UNIDO Global GreenChem Innovation and Network Programme

  • Intersection of environmental factors and mental health

  • Green chemistry and green engineering

Hanno Erythropel

Research Scientist
Research Areas: 

  • The role of sweeteners and flavorants in e-cigarette safety

  • Biodegradable materials

  • Utilizing renewable biomass to generate valuable chemical products


Tetyana Budnyak, PhD (she/her)

Research Fellow
Research Areas: Development of green lignin-biochar composites capable of removing organic and inorganic pollutants from water

Elise Gilcher 

Postdoctoral Associate
Research Areas: Extractions and conversion of biomass with supercritical fluids to valorize the integrated biorefinery

Holly Rudel

PhD  Environmental Engineering, 2023
Research Area: Sustainable materials as selective adsorbents in water treatment
Currently: California Council on Science and Technology Policy Fellow

Jessie Wainer 

MESc Yale School of the Environment, 2023 
Research Area: Sustainable water treatment 

Tong Wang 

PhD  Environmental Engineering, 2022
Currently: Lecturer at East China Normal University



Mark Falinski 

PhD Environmental Engineering, 2020
Currently: Consultant at Boston Consulting Group


Camrynn “Cammie” Fausey

PhD  Environmental Engineering, 2020
Currently: Lead Artificial Intelligence Engineer at Mitre


Lauren Pincus 

PhD School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, 2020
Currently: Hess Postdoctoral Fellow at the Department of Geoscience at Princeton University


Eva Albalghiti 

BA Environmental Engineering, 2017
MESc Environmental Science, 2020
Currently: PhD Student at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at University of Michigan

Qingshi Tu

Postdoctoral Associate, 2018
Currently: Assistant Professor at Department of Wood Science at University of British Columbia


Evelyn “Sale” Rhodes

MSc Environmental Science, 2017-2019

Currently: Research and Program Associate at The Aquaya Institute

Amanda Lounsbury

PhD Environmental Engineering, 2017
Postdoctoral Associate, 2019
Currently: AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellow at the Department of Energy

Tamara deWinter

Postdoctoral Associate, 2019


Jamila Saifee Yamani

PhD Environmental Enginering, 2010-2015
Currently: Salesforce


Thomas Kwan

PhD Environmental Engineering, 2018
Currently: Sustainability at Schneider Electric


Ranran Wang

PhD Environmental Engineering, 2011-2016
Currently: Assistant Professor of Water Enginering & Management at University of Twente


Lindsay Soh

PhD Environmental Engineering, 2007-2013
Currently: Assistant Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at Lafayette College


Weiwei Mo

Postdoctoral Associate, 2012-2014
Currently: Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at University of New Hampshire


Leanne Gilbertson

PhD Environmental Engineering, 2009-2014
Currently: Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at University of Pittsburgh


Chun-Chi Chen

Research Scientist, 2012-2014
Currently: Green Energy and Environment Research Laboratories, Industrial Technology Research Institute


Matthew Eckelman

Postdoctoral Associate, 2010-2011
Currently: Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Northeastern University


Fuzhan Nasiri

Postdoctoral Associate, 2009-2010
Research Scientist, 2010-2011
Currently: Associate Professor of Building, Civil, and Environmental Engineering at Concordia University

George Gachumi

Postdoctoral Associate, 2016
Currently: Postdoctoral Associate at University of Saskatchewan


Jonathan Mellor

Postdoctoral Associate, 2013-2014
Currently: Teaching faculty member at the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth


Kira Matus

Senior Policy Analyst, 2010
Currently: Associate Head and Associate Professor Division of Public Policy; Associate Professsor Division of Environment and Sustainability; Associate Professor Division of Social Science– The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Laura Brentner

Postdoctoral Associate, 2009-2011
Currently: Lecturer at the Insitute of Environmental Sustainability at Loyola University of Chicago

Sarah Miller

PhD Environmental Engineering, 2006-2011
Currently: Assistant Dean for Science and Engineering at Yale School of Engineering and Applied Sciences


Troy Savage

Yale Divinity School and Forestry and Environmental Studies, 2013
Currently: Associate Project Manager– Mazzetti


Valerie Fuchs

Postdoctoral Associate, 2010-2011
Currently: Senior Water Resources Engineer– Brown and Caldwell


Patrick Foley

PhD Environmental Engineering, 2008-2011
Currently: Chief Scientific Officer– P2 Science