Professor Zimmerman Named Editor-In-Chief of ACS “Environmental Science & Technology”

January 31, 2020

After serving as associate editor since 2012, Professor Julie Zimmerman is taking the helm at Environmental Science and Technology (ES&T) as Editor-in-Chief. ES&T has been a leading environmental science journal throughout its storied 50+ year history, publishing research, review, and news articles that have had enormous impact on the field. Julie is excited for the future of the journal, and hopes that it will serve as a catalyst for integrated systems thinking that cross-cuts traditional disciplines and life-cycle states. “We are not going to save the world with the same fragmented thinking that got us into these problems and we aren’t going to solve them with fragmented solutions. This coming generation of problem-solvers will use the interconnectedness of our systems as a pathway toward global restoration and ES&T will be supporting and facilitating this work everyday.” Congratulations, Julie! 

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